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Juilius Malema might face jail time any time

@Paradigm_heart 06/25/2020

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Julius Malema is currently facing investigation and the prosecution of fraud charges by the Afriforum,this is due to the fact that he was allegedly involved in fraud and the stealing of information.

Apparently Julius Malema was awarded a R52 million tender in an unlawful manner,it was awarded to his on-point engineering is based in Limpopo and is the respective company which is in question . View pictures in App save up to 80% data.

Afriforum says that they want to be the ines to single handedly persecute Julius Malema before August 2020,this was after the adviced so NPA since the case has been dragging out since apparently 2019.

Mr Malema was not impressed by this and he got angry,giving out a very harsh replyand roastingall of them ,calling them raciss as usual.

Prosecutors stated that they will not take heed to anyone's outbursts on social media and will continue to do what they supposed to do.

We hope for justice to be served and for the innocent to be set free.

Source: opera.com
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Top Comments
+27-76312**** · 06/25/2020
the racial afrikaaners boys are at it again,,,,let them come again we don't fear neks
+27-76320**** · 06/26/2020
Malema u are not going to jail or else all these racists will be buried in the sea where they come from.
+27-76320**** · 06/26/2020
Why these racists want to arrest Malema did he take a white man's money. These white criminals dont know us. We cannot be controlled by these white criminals who killed our forefathers and now want to jail us all. Why are we allowing these whites who think a black person is a monkey to control our country.....
DorothyRachwalska · 06/26/2020
Malema MUST have justice. seem all citizens.....👌

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