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The reason why cigarettes are banned.

KeleKaona 06/24/2020

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Health experts reported that smokers are in greater danger to the coronavirus. Since smoking is weakening the respiratory system, and causing dizziness and respiratory arrest hence these are common symptoms of corona effects. These empowers the pandemic diseases on the infected humans causing immune system to be weak.

The government could be correct to sustain the prohibition of cigarette sales into lockdown level three. But somehow the authorities are missing an important point in their ban.

As far as the government knows, no one is smoking during lockdown. The fact is that smokers are secretly continuing to smoke and buy illegal cigarettes with high purchase price.

There are some people who smoke from their homes inside the houses unaware making their families secondary smokers. The illegal continuation of smoking reveals that most of smokers are not willing to quit smoking easily since legal cigarettes are banned.

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It is a very big problem to the government since it doesn't have verbal strategy to address the smokers.

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