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Another Good News For MTN Users In South Africa

LuqmanPro 06/26/2020

It has appeared that the MTN service provider is ready and willing to ease the difficulties and hardship of the deadly coronavirus pandemic on its users by reducing the cost of services being delivered to them. This could be justified against the backdrop of the fact that 1 gig of data will be drastically reduced to R99. No doubt, this will astronomically reduce the amount of money that most MTN users often spend in the course of purchasing data for browsing.

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It was gathered that the slash in prices was agreed out of sheer magnanimity of the hardship of the consumers. It was exclusively reported that the relief package ought to have been implemented since May in line with the regulatory order. But since MTN has decidedly refused to implement the order, the Competition Commission has decided to engage the organization in a vehement manner thereby leading to a drastic reduction in the prices of network packages by the giant telecommunication network. View pictures in App save up to 80% data.

This underscores the fact that MTN took the decision out of sheer pressure from the Competition Commission. This is spot on bearing in mind that there is a compelling need to offer very helpful and supportive actions to the people amidst the socioeconomic hardship that they face. It is believed that the reduction in data price will be implemented to the letter. Information reveals that the new decision of the MTN was consequent upon the agreement between the Competition Commission and MTN over the drastic reduction in the mobile operator data prices. This is spot on.

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However, a series of protests and criticisms have been leveled against MTN over its refusal to come to the aid of the people since the outbreak of the deadly coronavirus pandemic. To this end, its recent decision has been largely jaundiced by the people, stressing that it was quite belated and not too far-reaching. More than any other time, many users of MTN have charged the network with outright extortion of its subscribers. They claim that the price of data is too extravagant in all ramifications. This was further aided by a public outcry, stressing that the price of data in this country under the commission has reached a huge proportion and must be reviewed, otherwise legal action will be taken against them.

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In a bid to avoid a face-off with the consumers, South Africa's biggest telecommunication company, MTN, eventually agreed to peg one gig of 30-day bundles at the cost of R99 instead of the initial R160. It was ascertained that this will be maintained in the meantime.  However, many people have queried the MTN that they should have implemented greater relief for the consumers. Amidst the uproar, it is interesting to note that MTN has agreed to offer its customers capped daily free data bundles through their Ayoba program. This is a welcome development. 

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What do you see about this occurrence?


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+27-073224**** · 06/27/2020
That one gig will only last for one day I'm telling you,,I no longer trust MTN..l

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