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Fuel Price to Increase Again by Next Week

FrancisNkufi 06/26/2020

View pictures in App save up to 80% data. Covid-19 is more and more looking like the last nail on the coffin of the country critical economic condition.

Quiet a large number of people have been recently added to the unemployment list, as the pandemic took the driving seat, leading many companies to a bank robbed terminus, or to retrenchment plan.

Country leaders are facing tough times in the middle of a complicated decision of either opening the economy and expect more infections and deaths, or introducing a major lockdown to save lives from the deadly virus,

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While many might die of hunger instead.

One more very recent Bad news, Comes from the fuel department.

South African motorists are expected to pay:

* R1.73 Extra, for a litre of petrol,

* R1.74 Extra, for a litre of diesel,

Also R2.14 Extra for the illuminating paraffin, mostly used for cooking, lighting, and especially heating during winter by thousands of individuals.

All these increases are expected to occur as early as Next Week, as projected by the Automobile Association in South Africa.

A very weakened Rand, in the global oil market, is the most blamed for the pocket hole created on South African's motorists.

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While the changes are yet to be announced officially, it has been advised to fill up during the weekend.

Source: opera.com
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