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Why you still haven't received your second R350 grant payment

Obakengmakgaka 06/26/2020

Baffled South Africans have by and by communicated dissatisfaction with the SA Government disability Office (Sassa) after still not having gotten their R350 Covid-19 help award installments for May.  View pictures in App save up to 80% data.

The R350 award is intended for jobless residents and qualifying outside residents during the lockdown. It was reported in April by President Cyril Ramaphosa and qualifying candidates were informed that they would be paid before the month's over.

"Installments were produced using May 15, which means not all installments will experience today but rather absolutely this month. 

"On the off chance that you have experienced the application procedure, it would be ideal if you sit tight for a reaction from Sassa. It requires some investment however you will be reached. We will return to you whether your application is fruitful or not," Sassa said on May 26. 

On Tuesday, Sassa reported that a little more than 116,000 candidates have been paid the award up until now. 

Sassa Chief Busisiwe Memela said the organization got 13-million enquiries and applications as of Monday, May 25. 

As per Memela, a little more than 6-million of the applications got were legitimate, finished applications. Others were copies, inadequate, or had conflicting information. 

"Around 1,236 492 applications are as yet being settled through confirmation by the SA Income Administration (Sars) to affirm if the candidates have a salary. 

"A sum of 666 381 customers were endorsed and Sassa is anticipating their financial subtleties, while more than 1,597,127 are objected as the candidates have a few methods for money," she said in an announcement.

However having paid some of the applicants their initial R350 grant for May, those very same applicants are still waiting for their subsequent June payments and with the end of the month arriving and Sassa focused on foreign nationals, the second payment seems unlikely.

This is utterly unacceptable from our government and their bogus actions must be accounted for.

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Top Comments
[email protected] · 06/26/2020
forget the foreigners they are very spoiled in south africa they not doing all this nonsense anywhere except here
RichardShampis · 06/28/2020
did you received sms or how do you know is in the bank?
RichardShampis · 06/28/2020
still waiting for the first
+27-81532**** · 06/27/2020
yes I am.waiting for my second 350 to be paid.

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