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A big trouble is coming and the only way out is for Cyril to return SA back to level 5.

Alyssah 06/25/2020

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South Africans if you have been sleeping, it is time to wake up and realize that coronavirus is real!

In a newly published article by News24, it was revealed by the health department that according to their research and findings, South Africa is expected to record over 400,000 coronavirus cases and over 7000 deaths in the next few weeks.

This is too much and sad! The very sad news of all is the fact that parents are going to school to teach, our children too are going to school to learn. This is the worst decision Ever that Ramaphosa made and it is really going to affect South Africa.

Even adults can hardly prevent themselves from Coronavirus, yet the Government expects students to practice health measures and social distancing.

The best way out is to keep everyone safe and return is back to level 5! It is better to fail in class that loose a life.

Delay is always better than death. So far as there is life there is hope.

South Africans are already very scared, some think the Government's decision to allow students resume is just so they could try the vaccines on them.

Others feel the Government do not care because their students are not going to school.

Cases are expected to increase in the next 4 weeks. The Government should stop exposing the lives of students!

Everybody is out there in the street, it's not written on the forehead who has coronavirus.

The only way is for Ramaphosa to take SA back to level 5 and save us from this big trouble that is coming.

See comments from South Africans.

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Top Comments
mzp30 · 06/25/2020
Those who want to go back to level 5, they are free to do soo,, stay at your houses and leave us alone tu 🤔
GUEST_AgB2QPEP8 · 06/25/2020
Yes thanks to Syrel and Dlamini who is setting regulations to fit there needs. Showing people they can control a whole country and milions of people. Dkamini spoke about sharing zol yet she doesnt care if 5 people share a sigarette. Dumini must wake up
VeronicaBothma · 06/25/2020
we cannot fear a virus we have to continue living
MandlaZwane · 06/25/2020
no ways we can't go back to level 5 people must just follow rules and discipline themselves

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