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Julius Malema embarrasses top South African journalists

Nongauza 06/28/2020

On Thursday, the Economic Freedom Fighters leader, Julius Malema drilled and embarrassed three seasoned South African journalists, Samkele Maseko, Mahlatse Mahlase, Aldrin Sampear and Tshidi Madia on Thursday afternoon.

The five revered were invited by the EFF to interrogate him about the collapsed VBS Mutual Bank.

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“Because what type of scientific advice will advise that the president of a country should address or answer questions in Parliament sitting in his home next to a fireplace and allow children to go to schools?’’ asked Julius Malema

The Economic Freedom Fighters leaders went to saying ‘’ you are sitting comfortably in your own home as a leader who follows science and your science says take children to schools to go and fight this pandemic while all of us are in the comfort of own homes.” EFF leader Julius Malema

Many angry member of society blamed journalists for not asking difficult question. 

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Source: opera.com
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Top Comments
+079220**** · 06/28/2020
This Malema guy is good. The tools of corrupt politicians masquerading as journalists tried every trick to stick smelly mud on him,and the truth triumphed. He put himself totally at their mercy,and all thy could do was ask irrelevant questions - twiddled their thumbs and bit their tongues,but couldn't hit any mark. Shame on them! Bravo Malema.
SelloMokoka · 06/28/2020
Please it must be noted and made clear that the four journalists who were invited by Julius Malema him self were news journalists and investigative journalists like Paula van Wyk. So for Opera Hub News to say that Julius embarrassed the journalists is not true. This is tantamount to expect a JMPD police to investigate a criminal case.
MaskedMe · 06/28/2020
Juju my hero
SiphoPhineasNkosi · 06/28/2020
It is unbelievable that happened to our top journalists BUT maybe when you think of it ,it is possible. Maybe our journalists must realize that they have to take their minds out of the box or one will think their problem was that they were programmed only to deal with the former President now they need to be reprogrammed for new challenges. As seasonal journalists they were supposed to be on top of their game and show Mr Malema that they know their story, by the way in the New Dawn cases are dealt with in the boardrooms with journalists No more in courts of law. Things are changing quick and fast.

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