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Very sad news hit South African smokers!

Ahmahle 06/26/2020

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Minister of Cogta Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma ought to be grinning after the Gauteng North High Court's decision. The court has excused Fair Trade Independent Tobacco Association application to have the cigarette boycott lifted. 

The High Court has on Friday made a decision that the offer of tobacco items will stay prohibited under the administration's lockdown guidelines 

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The High Court's decision has been gotten with outrage by numerous South Africans. 

"What can you expect from Hlope? They are all in cahoots. I am not surprised that he ruled in favour of the government. So, who ever has a finger in the pie, will of course, back each other" said an angry citizen.

@robertpoham noted Cyril Ramaphosa scared of Dlamini Zuma  He is her puppet. Holding an office controlled by Ministers. South Africans will not see this come the next election they will go back to the Polls and vote ANC. Corrupt government corrupt Nation voted in by blindfolded Citizens Sad but true.

lets hear your comments on this below.

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Top Comments
GUEST_nMv09O9P0 · 06/29/2020
Lot off money pay samgoma
GeorgeKenney · 06/29/2020
hi there we will vote the curuped government out of town
CarolineAllin · 06/28/2020
Ramaphoa get some balls and fire that fat snake in the grass,madam zombo
GUEST_Me4ojG51w · 06/27/2020
Yes shes holding all the smoking citizens in the palm of her hand..do something Mr President!!!!

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