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Two pupils have been raped while the third pupil was used as a bed because she was on her periods.

Wandi$ 06/26/2020

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The Department of Education in Limpopo has expressed anger and disgust over the apparent rape of a Grade 10 pupil who was on her way home from school when this ordeal occured. And it all occured in Vuwani, Limpopo.

Two girls were raped when the panga-showing rapists approached the three girls and forced them into the veld, whereby the two of the three girls were gang raped by the perpetrators.

One of the girls, in accordance to a South African media source was on her periods. When the perpetrators discovered this, they put one of the rape victims on top of her and went to rape her, utilizing her as a bed.

Sam Makhondo, a spokesperson for the education department in the province said MEC Polly Boshielo abhorred by the ambush on the pupils.

"The MEC is extremely appalled, shocked and totally disgusted by the rape incident. It is totally unacceptable that this can happen. We are calling on the community to assist the police with any information, no matter how small, it could help find these suspects because we don't want the learners to be harmed in this manner, it is totally unacceptable," he said.

Makhondo said the girls were all in Grade 10 and the department had sent assistance.

"We have accordingly dispatched the psychosocial personnel to the school so that they assist the learners and help them cope from the traumatic experience," he said. 

Limpopo police spokesperson Colonel Moatshe Ngoepe said Vuwani cops were investigating two rape cases. He said the cops want the three perpetrators who did this high and low.

"It is alleged that the three girls aged between 16 and 18, who are learners at one of the high schools in the Vuwani area, were walking from school to their homes at about 4:15pm. Two men armed with pangas threatened them and ordered them to follow them to a secluded area in the nearby bushes," said Ngoepe.

Police said the perpetrators took turns gang raping two of the three these girls before getting away on foot.

"The distraught girls managed to walk home and reported the matter to the elders who immediately summoned the police," he said.

Anyone who possessed information that might lead to the arrest of the perpetrators can call Captain Richard Boshomane at 079 894 5501 or the crime stop number 08600 10111 or the nearest police station.

Wandi$: The Department of education has a right to express anger and disgust towards the rapes as the safety of students was jeopardized and they were raped coming back from school a place where they are trying to better their lives as they want to be future somebodies.

I can imagine how traumatized the girls were when these thugs yielded pangas at them, and considering how big and scary a panga looks, when cornered with one, the girls had no choice but to give the perpetrators what they wanted or else they were most probably gonna get killed.

The girl who was on her periods when this nightmare occured to the other girls was fortunate to have not been raped. But as for the other girls it is such a sad pity that they were raped. And obviously the suspects wanted to rape her but as soon as they discovered this they were turned off and utilized as a bed rather.

There must be someone in the community who saw the terrible thing that happened to the girls but because they were scared of the suspects they chose not to talk. And I wish that this person can be located to assist cops in tracing these perpetrators. Rape is a serious issue in South Africa and when a rape case is solved, that alone brings some sort of contentment to the victim and the victim's family.

I am glad that the Department decided to bring help to the school in order to assist the girls in getting over the trauma of what they experienced as what they experienced is very traumatic and requires proffesional help to be solved. And this girls need to be counseled too because we wouldn't want them failing at school as they can't get over the trauma of what happened to them. So yes proffesional help is important in cases like this.

And I bet that cops are gonna do everything that they can to solve this case because they wouldn't want to dissapoint the MEC. And it is quite a difficult case to solve as the suspects were unidentified but I am confident that the cops were gonna find them, bring them to book and after that justice will be served.

What do you guys think of this article please comment on my comment section as your comments are highly appreciated by me

Source: opera.com
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Top Comments
RaniGovender · 06/27/2020
The death penalty should be brought back Mr President - The killing raping abusing of vulnerable women & children is now becoming such a norm.There is no respect for life.These men go into prison next thing they are preachers ,saints,, gardeners ect. What abt the trauma that our poor women & their families have to go through after their ordeal. Please Mr President make it a priority to do something soon.
GUEST_XJP944oKz · 06/27/2020
Please president bring back the death penalty for this kind of people. Women and children being raped and murdered everyday and there is no justice for the victims. These guys are in and out of jail like they are on vacation. Something needs to be done urgently. I stand with the women and children of the country and the world. Mr president if you love your family and respect others I think this is the way to go.
RobertPopham · 06/28/2020
bring the death sentence so will think twice before raping and killing our women.becsuse they know 15years jail sentence and 5 out.
PetronellaThomo · 06/27/2020
Death penalty of lethal injection won't solve. After found guilty put them with wild animals. They will stop.

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