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When your boyfriend keeps sending you random gifts this is what it means

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1. He likes to impress you

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When your boyfriend buys you a gift, he wants you to feel good about him. He wants you to know that he values you. He is creating a good perspective of him in your mind and that means cares about what you think of him. You know that it is not everyone whom we take serious, to some people we don't care what impressions we give to them because even if they think bad of us we don't care. So such a boyfriend sees you as a special person. 

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To some of the gifts that he gives you, you may find that 40% of them are the ones he didn't plan on buying. He probably walked into a shop and sees something beautiful and then he think of you and grab it. This shows how important and caring he is to you.

3. He is compensating for all wrongdoings 

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Your boyfriend knows he is not perfect and neither are you. He is giving you a reason to appreciate him with his flaws so you can say 'although he fails to do this and that, at least he buys me gifts'. Gifts are so amazing, they can lift your mood and give you a random smile even when you are angry. It is serves as a cooling down process

4. He is creating a good memory 

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A foundation of any relationship matters and it defines the path throughout the journey. Good memories keeps couples going strong. Good memories can cool you down when you are angry over your partner, such good memories can soften your heart and you end up thinking of the many good things that happened that surpasses the obstacles you may be facing as a couple. 

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