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Our children must be loved

DimakatsokekanaZB 1d

many women in this world do not care about their children, they take out their frustrations on them.Sometime they insult them by their fathers not knowing that when you insult s child by his/her fathers behavior then the child will always do wrong cause they will always be afraid to do right thinking that you will insult them. Whatever the father of our children did to us must we never let our children surfar for them, they did no wrong to us but their fathers. Some of the ladies drink alcohol then let the child to stay hungry the whole day thinking that she is punishing the child for the fathers deed, well we must know that we hurt our children and our children deserve better than that. Lets love our children no matter how bad youve been hurting, making a child surfar is not an option cause after all we will always be their mother and they are our children View pictures in App save up to 80% data.

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