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Pray this prayer for your husband to have strength and right living

Sinolwazi 1d

There are many things we should pray for our husband if the most important thing is to pray for strength and right living.

We see lots of married man who are killing their partner out there we don't know what is the main problem, may he was angry after he came back from work and his wife didn't finished cooking, we don't know but it is heartbreaking, we should pray for right living.

Friends we need to pray for our husband for strength to stand against temptation , we need to pray that our husband will have tender and repentant heart so that when they stumble and sin because all we stumble and sin but we should turn back to God

We should pray for them because to stand strong on earth , I urge you to pray for your husband God do answer a prayer of women's, and God fix a men's heart but you cannot fix him but because God his the one who created him he can change him pray for your husband, you can even pray when you do his washing, or dishing his food but what is important pray for your husband to be a good father and a great husband. In Jesus mighty name Amen View pictures in App save up to 80% data.

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