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BREAKING: Tears As Police Shot Protesters In Eersterust

LuqmanPro 06/26/2020

Pandemonium and confusion have set-in in Eersterust, Pretoria, South Africa after the law enforcement agents unveiled gunshot on protesters who were expressing grievances and dissatisfaction over the poor housing scheme in the country. It was gathered that rubber bullets were fired at the people. This is illegal and undemocratic.

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However, the ultimate claim of the people centers on the absence of food, water, and illegal sale of land in the province. From time immemorial, the people of Eersterust have been put in a lurch as there was no light and water in the region. This has been further compounded with the arbitrary action of the leaders of the community with respect to the distribution of land. To this end, this has generated a great deal of conflagration and controversy. While it is the responsibility of the law enforcement agents to guarantee societal peace and harmony, it is quite unfortunate and pathetic to see how things are being operated. There is a need for law enforcement agents to be trained in the realm of maintaining law and order. 

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More fundamentally, it was declared that the protest was peaceful and orderly. This is in accordance with the provision of the sacrosanct constitution that guarantees the people with the right to peaceful assembly and association. In light of this, more civil measures should be explored in a bid to enforce law and order amongst the people. This is imperative for the overall benefit of the people in the society. It would be recalled that a similar violent gesture was demonstrated during the protest by the South Africa National Taxi Council (Santaco) in Gauteng province on Monday. At that point, the police officers and soldiers were deployed to the province. And many people were beaten blue and black.

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While the drivers also double-crossed the road during that period, the intervention of the police and soldiers which should restore normalcy and orderliness on the road was reported to have compounded the challenge. More than any other time, the safety and security of the people should be fully prioritized with a view to engendering progress and stability in society. It is quite pathetic that the socio-economic activities of the people are outrightly obstructed given the scant regard for legality.

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More importantly, the grievances of the protesters should be addressed forthwith. That is the only means of engendering stability and progress in society. There is no gainsaying that all hands must be on deck with a view to redistributing the land and other natural resources for the overall interest of the people. This is the only means of promoting and ensuring the equitable distribution of income among the people in society. No doubt, sweeping this matter under the carpet will not engender stability, peace, and progress in society. It is high time for the authorities to do the needful.

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What do you think should be done to address this menace?

Should the government revoke the land or redistribute the natural resources?


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God will punish the person who use Biafra flag
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something happening in South African and you are showing us people wearing Biafra symbol, fake report
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Please forgive the person that use Biafra flag. Without using it no one will read the news. All Hail Biafra
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those who used Biafra pictures are animals Nigeria citizens.

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