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What I saw In That Mansion Left Me Traumatized

LamaSkillz 1d

View pictures in App save up to 80% data. I have always been attracted to men with money and they have been attracted to me as well, I would always have the luck of being scooped by a big spender. I'm a beautiful woman, a woman many men lust for and dream about but only the rich get to have me.

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As usual me and my friend went out to Coyotes, it was a Friday night and the night life was simply awesome. We knew in couple of minutes we will have men buying us drinks like most nights and yep three guys showed up and there we were invited to their table. Alcohol was bought and I could tell they were all loaded, in most nights I go with the flow but on that night something was off. 

They were handsome, well spoke and well dressed compared to some men we have been with but I couldn't shake the feeling. My friend was memorized by the guy she was talking to while I was hot and cold ready to go back home. In an hour or so we were driving to their place, I don't remember agreeing to it but there I was in the passenger seat with this handsome man while my friend was in the back making out with her man for the night.

I remember looking around amazed by the big beautiful house we were taken to, but still I could tell something was off. I was too deep to want to want to go back home, it was 1:30 in the morning and I had no idea where I was at. We did the deed and I tried calling for sleep and for a while I was up, around 3:30 something woke me up and before I knew it I was walking towards the room my friend was sleeping in with the guy. The door was half open and I could see them on the bed but what I saw next was something from a horror movie.

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There it was a huge snake on the bed next to her, it slided down and turned into a white woman, a beautiful white woman. I couldn't scream or walk, my whole body froze and tears escaped my eyes, the woman walked to my friend and sucked her breath as if she was kissing her. She transformed to a snake again and went straight to the walking closet in the bedroom. I was sweating and for some strange reason my body was able to move again. When the morning came I called an Ubber fast, we took off while my friend complained about exhaustion.

I remember how the following week she came to scoop me up to go to the club, I had to tell her the truth of what happened in that house and why she was in pain almost the whole week, complaining about being tired and such. We vowed on that day to go there when ever we had our own money.

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GUEST_yQAAo3Abg · 06/26/2020
That's the price of being a slay queen it comes with consequences.Leave that wild life and get urself a man who loves you .Or else u will die young one day evidence people other evil privacy 🤪🤪🤪🤪
AndileMzelemu · 06/26/2020
Liar those things are only visible to their owner. You wouldn't came alive from that mansion should you have saw it trust mi.

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