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An Important Announcement From SASSA To SASSA beneficiaries.

Money_Wise_Geek 06/25/2020

SASSA has announced payment dates for the month of July. 

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The SASSA grant paymentd were usually paid on the first every month however the outbreak of Corona virus has altered every aspect of life including the grant Payments. 

In response to the outbreak, SASSA has separated payment dates to ensure that the elderly people and those with disabilities received their payments first. This decision was made after situations in Soweto where the elderly were pushed by younger people to get access to payment points. Furthermore this avoids over crowding at these pay points and shopping centres. 

The social agency recently announced that the payments for the month of July will start on the third for the elderly and the sixth for the child grant. SASSA announced yesterday that the R350 grant doesn't have any fixed payment date just like other grants. 

If you have been approved for the grant and haven't received payment, you can go to the srd SASSA website to check when you will be paid.

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