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Railway station vandalised during lockdown

kanyi.news 06/25/2020

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It seems like real criminals are busy having a great time committing crime while our law enforcement agencies are busy monitoring Covid-19 regulations and compliance.

Founder of the People's Dialogue, Mr Herman Mashaba, has expressed his disappointment in law enforcement agencies in Johannesburg following the vandalism of a railway station in the East Rand.

“No wonder the trains are still in quarantine. They can’t operate,” he said after sharing photos of destruction.

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Mashaba said he received the photos from a resident of Ekurhuleni regarding the total destruction of the rail network during the COVID pandemic.  

“Cables stolen and stations completely stripped of anything valuable,” he said.

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Mashaba added that this was utter devastation, which will leave commuters stranded.  

He further lambasted the cops for not doing their job.

“The cops were too busy arresting joggers and drinkers,” he said.

Of late, cases relating to cable theft, foreign nations have been to blame.

Is Mashaba right about our law enforcement agencies? 

Share your thoughts on the comments section below.

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Top Comments
+27-hhhhhh · 06/26/2020
Prasa top management are behind this for cash injection and looting hence they always take estupid decisions.
GUEST_GZ40D0YoK · 06/26/2020
government of ANC cancelled all station Master that's why the criminals are vandalizing

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