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Maimane is a fraud, yet calls Helen Zille a racist

Serron 06/24/2020

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It's interesting to see former DA president, Mmusi Maimane try to reinvent himself on the streets.

For years, he watched Helen Zille do as she pleases and kept quiet to protect himself. As leader of the DA, he left the likes of Mbali to hang when they were calling out racism in the party.

When Lindiwe Mazibuko swiftly resigned from the DA, amidst racist tensions, Phumzile, Maimane, Mbali and others did not defend her or stand by her side. Yet today because the racist gun is pointing at them, they want to claim victimhood

Mmusi Maimane and Herman Mashaba gave us a practical illustration of "men prioritise themselves all the time" when they resigned from the DA due to Helen Zille's insensitive tweets, where as their black female counterparts are struggling to let go

"The only Messiah complex within me is that of the culture that holds that a capable state, the rule of law, and personal accountability is required for human progress. If that is not part of the culture you ascribe to. I am sorry. But it has nothing to do with race." Helen Zille tweeted

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Top Comments
PhumzileNsele_02 · 06/27/2020
ZILLE is not a racist she can say wrong things but she is not a racist
WinzaMahuma · 06/26/2020
go and sleep

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