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Nedbank is doing the best on social distancing in Tembisa plaza

Mahlatse2 06/25/2020

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Nedbank I doing the best on social distancing in tembisa plaza people do great social distance out people do great thing on social distancing we have to keep on doing the best for our life's corona virus is too dangerous.

We have to make sure after hiring the pin code on the machine we sanitize after so that we won't be left with the virus in our hands we have to make sure we do not send our children's to the bank to safe them is better if we walk to bank by our self.

We also have to wear musk while walking to bank and make sure we do social distancing our people start to follow gorvenment rule and thier now noticed that corona virus is real thier make sure they are always protected and safe from being infected.

Thanks to nefbank employees the work hard to make sure our people are not infected and to protected themselfs remember preventing the virus will safe lot of people life's and our childrens because thier immune system is not strong.

Their lungs are not strong thier still need us to look after them during this crisis we don't have to send them to atms because children sometimes thier do not do things the way we were told them to do

All thanks to nedbank keep it our people will survive I think things will continue being like that till we find corona virus cure.

God bless our country

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