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Herbalife Under Fire As Black Twitter is Grilling Them!

EstherTshehla 06/25/2020

Fans have been very upset with herbal life distributors on social media since Monday. One of the twitter users tweeted: "Can Herbalife people make their money and leave some of us alone in peace just like we told Longrich ones?" Others have emphasized the fact that they've been forced to buy the products by this distributors however they felt that it was time to expose this distributors

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"#Herbalife team please don't force us to buy your products some of us are not ready" they have further expressed that they were not ready to purchase the Herbalife products following distributors forcing them and cornering them to buy this particular products

"Herbal life people and comparing their old old pictures with the recent ones they took using iPhone." They have emphasized that this distributors are using their old photographs and the recent photographs as a way of convincing them to buy this products however this tactic will not work on them

"Those who know how to sell, recruit and motivate team don't annoy people on there inbox." Firms have further pleaded with experts to teach them and train them on how to do marketing and also how to do sales without forcing clients to purchase your products

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Others have started making fun of Herbalife distributors as they asked them silly questions one of the fans have asked that the distributors should provide a remedy for moving on and a shake that will assist people in moving out of toxic relationships however others have emphasized that Herbalife has no good intentions for the distributors besides using them for their own benefit

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Maqumazaza · 06/25/2020
The new irritating distributor is from Superlife

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