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Family Advised To Rescue a Young Man From His Fat Wife After She Sat On Him

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A family have been advised to rescue their son from his fat wife after their pre-wedding pictures made its way into the internet with the fat woman sitting on top the slim and thin man. The pre-wedding pictures have gathered nothing but criticism as people continue to wonder why a man as thin as that will opt for a woman four times his size.

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The man may have opted to marry the lady after reading several articles that men who marry fat ladies and plus size women are the happiest. But it was not specified that the fat women should sit on their husbands. When the pictures made it ways to Facebook, it gathered lots of criticism because the photographer may have opted them to take such a shot for the sake of mockery or fun.

The said woman will weigh about 500 pounds (0.23 t) and the man in question will weigh not more than 170 pounds (ca. 77 kg). This is highly dangerous for such a heavy body of 500 pounds (0.23 t) to be sitting upon a mere man with a weight of just 170 pounds (ca. 77 kg). Now, the family is being asked and advised to rescue the young man before it becomes late

However, it is an unproven ideology that men who are married to plus sized women are the happiest. The reason is that happiness is an inborn trait and have nothing to do with body sizes. If indeed happiness comes with large body sizes, fat people would not be struggling to lose weight at all cost.

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