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Here Are Soapies That Have Been Affected By Covid 19 As Actors and Actresses Tested Positive!

EstherTshehla 06/25/2020

TV: Rhythm City star tests positive for Covid19

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Production has been halted on the set of the etv soapie after an actress on the show tested positive for Coronavirus. Crew & cast are expected to be off work for 2 weeks. 

It has been brought to light that these two stories have detected covid 19 cases from their actors and actresses however it is not revealed who exactly tested positive for the coughing 19 virus. It was further brought to light that there are procedures that are being undertaken as a result of safety.

TV: 7de Laan shutsdown

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The SABC2 soapie has become the latest television production to halt filming following a COVID19 positive result from one of the staffers. Therefore they're also going to follow safety procedures as a result to ensure that more accounts are kept safe.

However there are other sources have also had to covid 19 cases at the beginning of this Covid19 in lockdown and at the decreases of the lockdown levels as time went on the production resumed.

Source: opera.com
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