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SANDF arrests foreigners with fake goods worth 3 million in JHB CBD (See Pictures)

Nhlori_Mathebula 06/25/2020

Platoon 3 of D-Coy of 21 SA Infantry Battalion, Joint Tactical Headquarters Gauteng Province together with the SA Police Service, Johannesburg Metro Police Department, SA Revenue Service, and Brand Holders confiscated goods to the value of R3 Million during foot patrols at Johannesburg CBD. 

Johannesburg CBD has been notorious for hiding people who use most of the buildings to as store rooms for the fake goods they intended to sell.

Most citizens have complained in the past about how JHB CBD has been taken over by foreign Nationals, mostly who are not legal immigrants and are in the country undocumented so they cannot be easily traced should they do any illegal acts. These people intimidate and even harm anyone who threatens to dissolve their operations.

A while before the Lockdown began there was a protests within the JHB CBD where the foreigners attacked the South Afrocan Police Services JMPD members with bricks and rocks.

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The South African National Defence Force mebers were doing foot patrols in the Johinnesburg CBD when they noticed suspicious activities going on.

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When they investigated and checked inside the buidling they found it was filled with fake intended to be sold which are worth about 3 million rands.

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The SANDF then arrested the individuals and handed over the case to SARS and suspects are in custody and being charged for their crimes.

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What's worrying is that there are so many operations like this being ran in Johinnesburg CBD, these operations are affecting the economy so harshly and should be stopped.

Source: opera.com
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Top Comments
123... · 06/25/2020
Le Ska ba hemisa make sure they can't breathe we need such raids daily crooks sis
BabaMbhebheBhutiza · 06/25/2020
Well done guys and don't forget Bellville in Cpt plz.
Manoja · 06/25/2020
Until we get a proper leadership in this country that will mobilize our patriotism we are doomed. We need a leadership that will be exemplary, ethical and principles to educate our people to stop buying these fake goods. That way the market will disappear and the dealers will starve then they will go back to their home countries.
Annoyed · 06/25/2020
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