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Life sentences for these serial Child rapists, is that enough?

NjabuloGoba 06/26/2020

As South Africa continues to moan the lives of our women we've lot in the hands of men, the law grows more serious about the punishments given to women and child abusers. But that doesn't seem to be bringing any apparent change, some men are still taking advantage of our women, old and even young. And that makes us wonder if the punishments are enough.

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At this point, any given punishment for women abuse should not only be a punishment to the man responsible, it should be an example for other men who might consider being abusive. Yet currently, it seems the law, though it is turning up the volume a bit, is not being loud enough.

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These two men, aged 25 and 34, have raped three children in several incidents in the Modimolle area. The Acting Provincial Commissioner of the SAPS in Limpopo, Major General Jan Scheepers, has warmly welcomed the life sentences handed down yesterday to these men. The sentences were handed at the Modimolle Regional Court.

These cases had been assigned to the Family Violence, Child Protection and Sexual Offenses (FCS) investigators, Warrant Officer Emanuel van Der Merwe and Sergeant Jeridah Tukakgomo of the Modimolle unit. And these officers managed to apprehend the suspects after a series of investigations.

"These sentences should send a strong and clear message that the police, especially members attached to the Family Violence, Child Protection and Sexual Offenses unit will not sleep when the most vulnerable members of our society are grossly being violated, but will continue hunting down the culprits until they are brought to book." concluded General Scheepers.

Unexpectedly, when this story was posted on social media it wasn't met with as much pride as the police had about it. The public, especially the females, feel like at this point, a life sentence should be for one rape case. This means that these men should receive three life sentences and be forgotten.

One person went on to graphically explain how it must feel for a 7-year-old child to be violated that way by not one, but two old men. This picture made many people respond with agreement that these people don't deserve to ever return to our communities.

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