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"I am just a tired nurse" said a nurse in covid unit

Bhownnie25 06/29/2020

"I am just a tired nurse who works in a covid unit, and I’m scared for my life. After all of this i need counseling session so I can just vent," said Azakhiwe Jibha.

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Azakhiwe Jibha is a nurse at Eastern Cape and she said she is tired of seeing people die in front of her with nothing she can do.

She said she has lost count on how many times did she have to pick up the phone and call the relatives to inform them about their loved one’s passing.

"It’s so emotional exhausting to plead someone to please try and sleep with a stomach when he/she id dying of shortness of breath because there’s not so much I can do or even give to ease the pain."

She also his covid is cruel, one moment she is talking and sharing jokes with a patient within a split second the same person is unresponsive and all you see is just blood in their mouth.

She said that the worst part is how do you even explain to the family that someone they were talking too few minutes is now gone and having to call porters to come remove the deceased but they say the hospital mortuary is full now you got to call the family and tell them to please arrange their own undertaker to come fetch the body .

She added that emevery time when she is home looking at the streets it like the is no COVID-19 but then later on she will go back to work and be reminded uba this is the worst reality.😭😭

"I still haven’t recovered from a recent death that happened on my shift , A 20-years-old boy succumbed to this virus. I just thought of his parents, I asked the doctor to call on her own while I stood next to her because she’s also a cry baby just like me. The father of the boy asked that did you have to do this over the phone , she kept on saying sorry it’s the hospital policy we can’t allow you guys to come view the body."😭

"I just wanted to remind you guys in as much as the lockdown has been uplifted but visitors at the hospital are still not allowed. It’s so heartbreaking to die alone mna I’ve witnessed this please keep safe and continue to pray" she added.🙏🙏

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MkhwambiSipho · 07/1/2020
Yho is so painful, but sorry my dear

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