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Bad news: South Africa's coronavirus cases projected to reach 400 000 by mid-july

Itu_letsoalo 06/24/2020

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Source: Sowetan Live.

A report from the National Institute for Communicable Diseases projected that South Africa's coronavirus cases could reach 400 000 by mid-july. The short term projection reveal that South Africa could record more than 7400 deaths by july, should South African government continue with their method of testing. However prioritising in testing may alter the results of cases and reduce to 133 000 cases.

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Provincial breakdown projection revealed that the Western cape could reach 189 000 cases with 4750 deaths. While Gauteng is expected to reach 115 000 cases with 540 deaths. Eastern cape is projected to reach 56 100 with 1080 deaths. North west is expected to reach 23 000 cases with 480 deaths. Kwa zulu natal is projected to reach 16 700 cases with 270 deaths. Limpopo 2370 cases with 48 deaths. Mpumalanga 1410 cases with 20 deaths. Free state 1080 cases and 38 deaths. Northern cape 720 cases with 15 deaths.

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The model of projection has revealed that the demand for ICU beds is likely to exceed the available beds, particularly in the Western cape and Eastern cape.

The reports shows that 59 300 people will be hospitalized with 7640 in intensive care unit, with at least 19 100 beds would be required. The National Institute for Communicable Diseases reveal a grim picture of the damage coronavirus further cause in South Africa.

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At the time if of writing, South Africa has recorded 106 108 cases with 2101 deaths since the pandemic outbreak in early march.

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