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Famous Actress Tinopana Katsande Overdoses Friend With Cocaine And Transport Dead Body With Taxi

Prince_Leadership_Thoughts 06/26/2020

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Tinopana Katsande is one hell of a woman, who is not scared of Police either, Katsande and her friend were on drugs and her friend overdosed and died, Katsande then transported the dead body in a taxi without any law enforcement knowing including the Police officials.

Rebecca Chenyere(45) hired a taxi to her parents place in Belvedere, Harare on Tuesday after it was reported that she allegedly collapsed And died in the bathroom.

The body of the deceased will be laid to rest tomorrow and A case has been opened at the police station. Rebecca's family is not happy with what Katsande did, by hiring a taxi and not even letting Rebecca's family known that their daughter had died from drug abuse.

Rebecca was on Medication when she was picked up by Katsande to go and enjoy cocaine, Rebecca's brother was over protective but Rebecca insisted going with Katsande.

Rebecca was a drug addict and it was planned that she will start rehabilitation, that is when Katsande came to pick her up and they left together but Rebecca didn't come back home.

Below is the image of Tinopana Katsande

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Source: opera.com
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Top Comments
GUEST_6Ar0qNl0p · 06/26/2020
Who is supplying them with drugs, especially here in Zimbabwe
[email protected] · 06/26/2020
the biggest problem is the consumers of those intoxicants.those who sell drugs are agents of the devil so it's up to us to follow the devil or not.if we all stay away from drugs,then those devil's won't be in business.STAY AWAY from drugs
GUEST_PB1LOLPg4 · 06/26/2020
vana vedu are indulging in drugs supplied by foreigners. I feel that authorities should be on high alert at points of entry. We have to nip this in the bud before it gets out of hand ie if it hasnt already gone out of hand.
UpenyuMafuwu · 06/26/2020
kUzvimba face kurohwa here uko

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