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And The Man Of The Match Is... Julius Malema!

NkuliDee 06/25/2020

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I'm not a fan of EFF leader Julius Malema but I was impressed by him volunteering to be interrogated by Mzansi journalists.

That was a robust engagement where Malema was being held to account and he was ready to answer. 

Such press conferences are good for democracy and we need more engagements like this between journalists and politicians. 

Surely the media is not the enemy!

I think as a country we deserve such press conferences with all ministers of this country answering to the many questions the country has regarding their leadership and corruption allegations surrounding them.

Although Julius Malema ducked and dived many questions today during the interrogation which he hosted as a bid to answer journalists' questions around the VBS fraud scandal, he proved that journalists in South Africa are full of mediocrity.

Malema comes a long way with tough journalists like Deborah Patta and the least the journalists who were present could have done was proper research.

One of the journalists, Samkelo Maseko even got too emotional when Malema outsmarted him and threatened to leave the 'show'.

"Samkelo: It's Not your show

Julius: It is my show,

Samkelo:We will walk out

Julius:Tsamaya ofeletswe ke di issues.. the door is open."

Here's what others think about Malema's press conference.

@JabulileMngoma What the CIC did today is truly remarkable.integrity,accountability and transparency.#JuliusMalema

@ken_mojela Can any member of the @ANCParliament do what @Julius_S_Malema did today? It was brave of him to face journalists. Building up his portfolio indeed #JuliusMalema

View pictures in App save up to 80% data.

View pictures in App save up to 80% data.

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CarolineJeanAllin · 06/25/2020
judias Iscariot Malema, very good description

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