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SASSA announces payment dates for July.

Money_Wise_Geek 06/25/2020

As the a new month approaches, SASSA beneficiaries are getting ready to go cash out when the time comes. While grants were usually given out on the 1st of each month, the Covid-19 outbreak and lockdown has changed this. 

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To avoid overcrowding and situations where the elderly and disabled are pushed at pay points and shopping centres, SASSA gave two seperate dates for the elderly and disabled. 

Grants are expected to be paid from the 3rd of each month for the elderly and disabled and from the 5th for the child support grant. 

SASSA announced the payment dates for July and the elderly will be paid by the 3rd of July while the Child support grant will be paid from the 6th of July. 

Those who are expecting their R350 grants will have to check online as to when they will get paid by simply checking their status. SASSA announced that there will be fixed payment dates for this grant.

People can also check their balance before heading to the pay points as this will save them and their time. The number to check the balance is *120*3210#

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