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The police left father a crying for his 16 year old daughter held captive by Nigerians selling drugs

Ok_Daina 06/26/2020

This is the messagethat was attached to the pictures on social media.

"This is the place where Nigerians selling drugs and have 16 year old girls as sex slaves a Father was crying this morning because his 16 year old girl held captive by these monsters  he called the police, the police left, they can't do anything.

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This is in Mpala Court, Parow where these gangsters, murderers are taking over with the drugs, what I have heard, they target the nearby schools, girls are getting into the cars of these mobsters. And our government is useless getting rid of these."

 Below is what people are saying; 

1. For all that is worth, all blame should be directed to Bheki Cele. Crime cannot be reserved to SOUTH AFRICANS only. SAPS has serious operational challenges and we all know it. Young girls being enticed by fancy? up your game as a parent and show them "BETTER".

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2. I call on the government to deploy special unit to deal with this kind of crimes. But then again maybe we need new government, that listen and protect its citizens. I call on all young people who care about this country to come forward and form new government, It's is your future you are robbed of.

3. How can the police not be able to do anything, I feel like we are letting the police get away with too much as well. Are you sure they don't receive bribes? They should also be arrested for helping criminals.

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4.The police receive bribes hey. I live in Randburg and the cbd is run by foreigners, most of which are Nigerians. Couple of days ago a bunch of them were sitting outside drinking alcohol. Cops came, wanted to detain them but I saw them give them money. Cops left.

5. That's in King Edward Street, i once stayed there, till now I never liked estate agents, they don't care about the well being of people, he told me all the good things till I witnessed all the gruesome stuff. Thanks God I moved out.

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NtsikeleloMtshakaza_01 · 06/26/2020
We must blame thia Anc n Malema who is supporting this aliens

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