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Consumers feeling the pinch as businesses hike prices

Liveth72 06/25/2020

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Giyani Super Spar is allegedly amongst the supermarkets that inflated prices amid the COVID-19 outbreak. Image supplied.  

It appears that this anti-competitive behaviour was not an isolated incident, as Giyani View has been made aware that almost all the supermarkets, hardwares in Giyani have also inflated their prices. 

Allegations of price inflation by businesses around Giyani continue to swell following an article published on giyaniview.co.za on 4 May 2020 exposing exorbitant price inflation by Giyani Spar.

The only Informer in town understands that some businesses have hiked prices on high demand products by between 300% – 500%. The Competition Commission of South Africa is inundated with complaints of price inflation by scrupulous companies who are taking advantage of the nationwide lockdown and high demand for some products. The Commission has pounced on some of these rogue operators and is conducting investigations against other companies countrywide. 

Competition Commission of South Africa (CCSA), has warned that price hikes during the lockdown will be penalised. CCSA say customers can call 0800 014 880 to report violation of legislation. To date, it’s understood that CCSA has received 21 complaints of companies that have inflated their prices amid the COVID-19 outbreak. 

Some of the items that have seen an increase in prices include sanitisers, toilet papers and masks. The Commission’s head of communication Sipho Ngwema says that some people are taking advantage of the situation. “People can contact the Commission on 0800 014 880 if they suspect inflation of prices,” he said. 

Giyani Spar and Super Spar remain the two supermarkets reported to the Commission by Economic Pioneer Transformation Aid South African Workers Union (EPTASAWU).

EPTASAWU President, Austin Mabasa says they will be launching more complaints with the Commission.The price hikes in Giyani is committed by everyone, and we can’t allow such abuse to happen in front of us. We will never keep quiet about it,” he said.

Source: opera.com
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