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How can R50 Million Tender Collapse R47 billion-Malema

TGalositwe 06/25/2020

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Give malema a stage microphone and audience then expect fireworks.

Malema held an interrogation session on Thursday with journalists.

Julius Malema said he will resign from puplic office if any municipality could prove he influence them to invest money in the VBS.

When they said Malema collapse Limpopo the intention was to dent his image. "R50 million tender cannot collapse a provincial budget of R47 billion" said Malema.

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Julius Malema has expressed evidence that,he will never be succcesfuly be charged for the Limpopo tender.

Malema was being cross-questioned about R52 million Tender corruption involving Limpopo transport department and on point engineering.

Malema said he requested for his case to be separated from the other accused people,but his request was rejected by NPA.

Julius is not the one to mince his words.

"No one can produce any evidence linking the EEF to VBS "Julius Malema said

If there was donation from VBS to EFF it would have been exposed by now.

I've never benefited not even a cent from VBS,"why are we not being charged". I have not received any calls from NPA so far regarding VBS scandal,because these charges are not there he Said..

According to Dr Benni lekubu UNISA law lecture he said why you don't wait for formal investigation process to finish everything else and,if you are in the clear. The investigation will clear you there was no need to come out guns blazing for his defence. It sounded more of a defence to me than him wanting to clear his name he said on SABC.

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Top Comments
GUEST_krMXXPvGx · 06/25/2020
he sounds like a man that is desperate if you are innocent why all this rubbish calling a news conference
AndileMzelemu · 06/25/2020
Let the talkers talk, Preachers preach, Haters hate n Judges will judge. Viva my president
GUEST_ZvkOmeP03 · 06/25/2020
O lehudu
Professor️ · 06/25/2020
Weldone President

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