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COVID-19 force several teachers out of schools, this is what they do.

Adejib 06/25/2020

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Some educators at two primary schools in Cape Town have applied wisdom to boycott their respective unsafe schools. The Manenberg primary school teachers refused to return to work after a teacher was tested positive to COVID-19.

The teachers said they will not go back to the school because the school was not closed according to COVID-19 regulation. Even when it was reported that the school would be disinfectant they refused. They want the entire schools disinfected first.

In another related incident, teachers at Silverstream Primary School also said a colleague has been tested positive for the coronavirus last week.

One of the educators lament she did not feel safe in returning to school. She said the entire building must be closed before disinfected.

"Nothing is safe there anymore. I'm very fearful about that because I have to return home to my husband who has comorbidities.” the teacher said

Although, it was reported that the area where the COVID-19 tested positive teacher is working has been decontaminated this week and classes have been moved but the educators do not trust the department.

“So now what about those children who were in contact with the teacher and the cleaners and the supporting staff.” she added

She said she does not trust the partial disinfectant but that the entire school need to be closed for decontamination. The teacher said at least seven of her colleagues were also refusing to return until the school was properly deep cleaned.

Hence, she said they've all been told to take special leave.

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The Western Cape Education Department's has clarified the province protocol which is that the school may be partially closed or only disinfecting.

The Education MEC Debbie Schäfer added that not all schools with COVID-19 case would necessarily be closed for there are several factors that has to be considered before decided on closure or not.

Western Cape has huge statistics of cases of Covid-19. Schäfer announced last week the number of tested COVID-19 learners is almost 2, 000 cases.

However, Schäfer said the deparment has immediately reacted to this before schools reopening.

The department said most of the infected learners with almost 1,600 cases had been reported before May 29, prior schools opened. The 1787 is just 6.4% of the number of infections across the province on the same date.

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GUEST_OWaQVN8xv · 06/25/2020
debbie schaffer does not care about our kids and teachers.she hasn't visited any of the affected schools in the townships cause she's scared of the virus..she's useless..she must be removed

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