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Television News: Viewers reject Madam & Mercy!

EstherTshehla 06/25/2020

TV: Viewers reject Madam & Mercy

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Housewives spin-off has been a ratings disaster despite Madam being the breakout star of the franchise. It sauntered onto Mzansi Magic on April 8th peaking at 980k viewers on the 15th. By May it had lost half of those viewers. 

While Madam towered above her former cast mates on Real Housewives of JHB, with her signature phrase and sharp tongue, it would appear not having the ladies to bounce off of, she lost the sparkle.  Which begs the question; was Evodia’s TV rise too quick too soon?

The show now pulls below the 500k mark making it one of the least watched primetime show on Mzansi Magic. More questions; Are viewers tired of glam & wealth content in reality shows? Was this show just a victim of that redundancy? Or, the show was just badly produced?

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It has been asked about the Glam/Wealth content question because fans noticed that, while KwaMamkhize had some good numbers, many viewers complained that after few episodes they got bored of the premise just being about her wealth.

The bragging eventually gets boring, whilst people loved MaMkhize but towards the end they started getting bored of the bragging and want to see things they can relate too. They want to see the human aspect in a reality show. Something the Kardashians get right. Yes they are rich but human.

Source: opera.com
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