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Pills that make you smarter

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There are several priscription pills mostly students use to pass their tests or exams. These pills boost your memory,concentration and focus. They are also known as the "feel good pills". The recreational use of these pills has showed less or possibly no side effects at all.

"Feel good" or "smart pills" are used to treat people with ADHD,but teenagers saw how they could use the pills for their academic advantage. A student in Tshwane University of Technology said,"I started using the pills in my 12th grade,before i used the pills i was just an average student getting about 40 to 60 percent,never more than 60 percent. I still remember the first time i wrote my physics exam with the pill in effect,i felt like i was back in pre school the way the exam was so easy. I went from an average student to a top three learner in my school. It was amazing, after that day i just couldn't stop taking these pills when i study".

These pills come with a price tag though one that not just everybody can afford. These pills are: Ritalin,Adderall and concerta. They are the powerful ones so far.

Only people with a prescription can get these pills.

Source: opera.com
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