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Teachers in these Covid-19 hard hit Provinces want schools closed

Mahwira 06/25/2020

View pictures in App save up to 80% data. The Western Cape is one of the Covid-19 hard hit areas in South Africa. It accounts for more than 50% of the national infections in the country. Despite the increased number of Covid-19 cases recently, the Department of Basic Education in that province has refused to bow down to calls to have schools closed.

As a result ,teachers fearing for their lives and that of learners went to the streets to demonstrate,demanding that the schools in that province be closed as they do not meet the minimum Covid-19 standards.

The province has seen 230 schools recording cases of Covid-19. 370 teachers and staff members have according to the eNCA tested positive for Covid-19 ,while 61 pupils have also contracted the virus.

The teachers who were demonstrating revealed that they were also against the idea if bringing in more grades as scheduled by the Basic Education Minister, which has been set for the 6th of July.

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The teachers feel that the Western Cape Education Department has no sense of what the schools in poor communities and townships are going through as focus is given to those in richer places.There was also a concern of shortage of water in some schools in the Western Cape.

Even though there were claims by the province's education department that R280-million had been spent to ensure that schools were safe ,the teachers dismissed this citing that there were schools that did not enough PPE.

The teachers who took to the streets of Cape Town to have their grievances heard,mentioned that they had been forced by the authorities that if they did not go to work,they would not be paid ,hence forcing them to go to work despite the danger of contracting the Coronavirus.

There was also mention of shortage of teachers in schools by the demonstrating teachers.A teacher who tests positive for Covid-19 is forced to go on quarantine for 2 weeks, including workmates who will have been in contact with that particular teacher.As a result, the remaining teachers get under lots of pressure to cover up for that gape.


Mbasa Khwaza reported that the Eastern Cape had recorded 190 schools that had closed .She went on and reported about 172 learners who had tested positive,while 68 teachers were still awaiting their results.

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Chris Mdinci who is SADTU Eastern Cape's spokesperson said that many schools were putting the lives of learners and teachers in grave danger from contracting Covid-19 as they were not meeting the COVID-19 standards to operate.

Its however hoped that the Department of Basic Education will be meeting with SADTU to resolve the issue of closing schools amidst an increased number of Covid-19 cases.

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Top Comments
ManyakalloMaponopono · 06/25/2020
The truth is most learner's get this virus at school if one learner came to school positive he/she is go to affect 19 learner's and the teachers involve . The is no way where 180 learner's can came to school positive and to all of them there is no sign ngeke.
ManyakalloMaponopono · 06/25/2020
Our Government doesn't care about dying of learner's and teachers

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