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A man is inlove with a tokoloshe after his wife died

Wandi$ 06/24/2020

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If it was up to Qaphela he would marry his tokoloshe.

"I'm in love with a tokoloshe," said Qaphela Njoko (44) from Vosloorus, Ekurhuleni.

"She started visiting me in November, five months after my wife’s death."

He said when his wife Dudu Njoko(41) became deceased he ddint want to engage in another relationship.

"I didn't think I could love someone and be connected to her like I was to my wife of 20 years.

"But when Beauty arrived, I fell for her. She comes at night, and just like her name, she is super beautiful. She wears a mini skirt. She has a sexy body with curves, big bums and magnificent boobs," he told Daily Sun.

He said when the tokoloshe arrived it ensured that it showed him things that he hasn't seen in bed.

"When she has to leave, I feel like crying. I don’t want her to go. I want to spend time with her," said Qaphela.

But Beauty doesn't want to stay forever as she tells him that she will make her way back to his bedroom at night.

He believes that this creature was sent by his wife.

"She’s looking after me from heaven," said the father of two.

His sister Mavis Duma (51) said: "I don’t know how this will end. That’s why I called Daily Sun. My brother needs help."

She said her brother started being inlove with the tikoloshe, he was ecstatic all the time but they ddint know how long it would last.

His friend Mdumiseni Sokhela (40) said Qaphela told him about his tokoloshe lover two months after he met her. "If his tokoloshe makes him happy, I don’t see a problem. If it hurts him one day, he will deal with it then."

Wandi$: Wow this story is unbelievable but it comes from a reputable newspaper source so I will take their word for it.

It surprises me that a person can be inlove with a spiritual creature that only comes at night to show him a good time in the bedroom. But if he says that he is inlove with the tikoloshe then who are we to judge him as he is living his life the way he wants and the way he sees it fit.

It is a good thing to move one after loosing a loved one and I feel like Qaphela should have done the same and he can still do it because as a person moving on was gonna help him to deal with his lose in a proper manner. I find it crazy that a person who is on this earth can be inlove with something so spiritual. In a way it has taken over his love life. And the moment his mind comes back and he decides to be inlove with a human being then it might be a problem for him getting rid of the tikoloshe.

Qaphela isn't even sure that this creature was sent by his wife as it is not written in the forehead but he is just assuming because he is having a good time at the moment. And what if the creature is evil and doesn't want to see him date anyone else.

His sister called Daily Sun because she is worried about him as what he is experiencing is not normal at all, maybe he ddint deal with his lose the way he should have that is why he is experiencing what he is experiencing and I sincerely hope that he will find help eventually and start living his life like any other normal person would.

What do you guys think of this article please comment on my comment section as your comments are highly appreciated by me

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