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Former Orlando Pirates Defender Has Two Wives And 4 Kids At 32 - 'Unapologetically A Poligamist'

NkosanaWriteOn 06/25/2020

A former Orlando Pirates player is a proud husband to two wives and by the looks of it is Unapologetic about it all as he regularly post pictures of the three of them happily posing, as much as the information is ther on social media many do not know of this unorthodox or taboo lifestyle led by the former Bucs man.

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According to his Instagram account the Free state stars player is enjoying his lifestyle and has 4 kids amongst his two wives. Many South Africans reckon this is fueled by his Swati origins where polygamy is a norm as seen from King Mswati.

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Many South Africans shun opun such as lifestyle while others encourage it as it is African culture and has been practiced for centuries,which is why we have shows like Mzansi Magic's Mnakwethu which helps men confront their wives or partners about polygamy. The show has been blasted on many occasions with many citing emotional trauma and abuse to the women concerned.

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Please share your thoughts by leaving a comment below, Do you support polygamy or are you against it? What are your thoughts on Patrick Phungwayo's situation? Don't forget to like, share & follow @NkosanaWriteOn

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Top Comments
+27-79265**** · 06/25/2020
His choice...his decision.Why must be apologetic...
GUEST_qRPDJK5el · 06/25/2020
Niyathanda ukukhumsha. Who is emotionally stressed? The wives who went into the marriage voluntarily or you who wants to set a standard for other people's lives?
GbolagadeAshifa · 06/25/2020
which emotional trauma? Are the wives the ones complaining of emotional trauma? What is more natural is to marry more than one wife. Recently most of the killing recently across the world is from monogamist house hold. People should wake up to reality on ground because more men are dying from Covid19 and other illnesses.
+27-79413**** · 06/25/2020
As long as ukhona ukuba support, I see no problem on that my Bru

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