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No one can replace Fundiswa Zwane!

Journo101 06/28/2020

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Photo Cred: Sowetan Live

By Nhlanhla Maseko

Fundiswa Zwane is leaving Imbewu The Seed and will be replaced by a new actress taking over the character she played on the show.

According to News24, e.tv confirmed that Fundiswa Zwane will be leaving the show and her last appearance will be on 29 July.

E.tv in a statement said "Fundi's last appearance in the current story line will be on 29 July. Since the show's interception in 2018, Fundi has been a tremendous pleasure to watch".

"She brilliantly epitomized the role of Ka-Mandonsela, a wife whose roots are deeply set in her culture."the statement continued.

Fundiswa Zwane plays the character of Ka-Mandonsela whereby she is the wife of a pastor, Phakade Bengu. Her character on Imbewu is surrounded by challenges forcing her to remain a strong woman in all that happens.

Through how she plays her character, having to remain a tough cookie at all times and her forgiving spirit, Fundi has managed to become Mzansi's favourite.

Fans and followers have fallen inlove with her in playing her character and do not see anyone being able to play,live the character and replace her.

On Facebook,Luendri wrote "My Donsi deserves better.Management is making a big mistake thinking they can replace Donsi.No one can ever bring life to the character like Fundiswa Zwane does".

Brenda Mhlongo, who appeared as wife of Jack Mabaso on Generations is allegedly taking over as the new Ka-Mandonsela. However, fans still stand at no one can replace Fundiswa Zwane.

Malezwe Mthinde wrote "#AmenBaba will never sound the same.We are heart broken and in tears. I don't think she'll wear the doek the same way Donsi does."

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Source: opera.com
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ChibageMatimba · 06/30/2020
You cannot replace Donsi. Killing her can be better.
+27-060656**** · 06/29/2020

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