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11 years in rap and still relevant, see how Aka did it

Geecrush 06/26/2020

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The hip hop/rap game is one mean sport it really takes a tough person to stay on top and win in the sport.we have seen it the history of hip hop back in the days of 2 pac and biggy who ended up dying at a very young age because of the culture of the game,beef is what can quickly move your credibility up or be your downfall.

Aka also know as Kiernan Forbes needs no introduction,but for those that do not know him,he is a very popular South African rapper who understood what it took to stay on top,i mean its the rap game a dog eat dog world.If it means stepping on other rappers' toes gets you to the top then so be,that is just how the game is build thats its nature,so Aka understood that.If i didnt know any better i would swear he idolized 2 pac who is deemed the greatest rapper of all time to ever do it.2 pac was one rapper who used to beef with a lot of rappers,he really spat on people's faces and i really think that helped him stay relevant,and not taking anything away from his work,he was a good rapper but that sometimes is not enough in this mean sport.

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Back to Aka,In 2010 just when he released his first single "do it" he got involved in beef with the glitz gang,the glitz gang comprised of L-lito,Bongani fassie,sean pages to name a few and this just him alone against a whole gang.Haha..you could tell from the get go that Aka really meant serious business and that is when people started paying attention to him,fortunately for him his music was fire and that just elevated his brand to another level from that beef.From that point onwards he spat on people's faces,he was very bold and never unmoved or shaked by anything,he really stood his ground and really spoke his mind which drew attention towards him.

So from what i saw from him was that he had a strategy from day one to always be within a conversation most times to stay relevant which really worked for him as he still apart of the conversation 11 years later..

His biggest beef to date is the Casper nyovest one.

Aka understood what needed to be done in order to stay on top,not taking anything away from his music because he really has been consistent regard that.

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