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Cries For The Shaka Marine Snake

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Social media is blowing up with a picture of a car carrying the famous Shaka Marine snake adored by adults and children, who like posing next to it. The attractive snake is the entrance to uShaka Marine and has become a favorite of many in the area.

But today a circulating picture of it on social media has made many people think it is done for. 

Many weep for their sister as they liked being photographed near it. This snake is not only popular with the youth but even adults including tourists.

Most people on social media were commenting that many people come to visit the area for pictures with the snake.

UShaka Marine confirmed that the snake had been removed for some reasons.

Spokeswoman Stella Khumalo people should calm down because the snake was temporarily removed and would be returned.

She said it had been done as part of renovations of the whole place. 

Khumalo said they were happy that the people were so caring and loved the sites set up for them and their families in the area.

She said at the moment the snake was taken to be painted but it will be returned. They thought it would be a good time to fix it as things have not returned to normal.

Source: opera.com
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