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16-years-old boy confesses to 3 more murder cases

Bhownnie25 06/25/2020

View pictures in App save up to 80% data. The16-year-old boy of LaMgabhi, Etiyeni arrested for murder last week could be the country’s youngest serial killer.

He now faces four counts of murder after he was linked to three other unsolved murders.

The Sunday Observer can reveal that the teenager who stands accused of murdering Maswati Fakudze (15) has been slapped with three more murder charges.

His arrest on Monday could be seen as a breakthrough as murders which were associated with last year’s elections are on the verge of being solved should the minor be found guilty on the counts. 

The name of the murder accused has been withheld, the Swaziland National Association of Journalists (SNAJ) Code of Ethics Article 16: 2.5 states that Journalists should avoid visually or otherwise identifying children unless it is overwhelmingly in the interest of the child.


Sources close to the matter informed the Sunday Observer that further investigations by the police on the death of Maswati Fakudze resulted in the accused minor being charged with three more murder cases. An individual mentioned that early this week, the minor led the police to the crime scenes where he allegedly confessed to killing his victims.

Late this week, he appeared at the Mbabane Magistrate’s Court where he was formerly charged for the four murder counts.

In all the four counts, the minor is accused of hitting all his victims with a sharp object on the head; they sustained fatal wounds.

The first crime he allegedly committed in July 2017 when he allegedly killed one Qiniso Mhlanga. He was 13-years then. The other offence he allegedly committed in 2018 while the other two counts he is alleged to have committed this year.

The first count on the charge sheet states that he is on or about October 13, at or near LaMgabhi Ingcwembe River in the Hhohho region, the minor did wrongfully, unlawfully and intentionally hit one Maswati Fakudze with an object on the head.

The charge sheet further states that the accused minor inflicted a fatal wound from which Fakudze died of.

The teenager is said to have made his confession to killing Fakudze, disclosing that he hit him with a stone on the head and further submerged him under water.

On the second murder count, he is accused of the murder of Senzelwe Mandisa Hlophe of LaMgabhi, which is said to have happened on or about February 19.

Hlophe was also hit with an object on the head.

According to media reports, the three-year-old Hlophe was found dead with some of her body parts missing. The corpse was later found in tall grass near a big rock, surrounded by vegetation, at about 100 metres from her homestead. A kitchen knife was found near the lifeless body of Hlophe.


For the third murder charge, he is accused of the murder of Phiwayinkhosi Kunene who was killed on June 2, 2018, at or near Hholoshini area in the Hhohho region.

He too was hit with an object on the head.

Kunene also known as ‘Titi’, according to media reports, the eight-year-old pupil of Phakamani Primary School was found dead 10-days after she had disappeared.

Her decomposing corpse was retrieved from a bushy patch beyond the rocky mountain overlooking the deceased’s family homestead. The discovery of the dead child occurred on the eve of the funeral of her father, who committed suicide on Thursday by ingesting a deadly weevil tablet.

This was after some of the community members fingered him in his child’s death.

In the fourth charge, the minor is accused in that upon or about July 12, 2017 at or near Sidwashini area in the Hhohho region, the accused person wrongfully, unlawfully and intentionally hit one Qiniso Mhlanga with an object on the head. Inflicting a fatal wound from which Mhlanga died of.

One of the dailies in July 20, 2017 reported that Mhlanga’s lifeless body was found dumped in a river at Sidwashini.

The young boy was a pupil at Qedusizi Primary School. There were also reports that Mhlanga’s body was mutilated. It was reported that during his post-mortem at the Mbabane Government Hospital, family members noted the thinned skin around Mhlanga’s neck, making the bronchi a bit visible.

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