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How to download Youtube videos the easiest way

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View pictures in App save up to 80% data. Everyone goes to youtube or either youtube Go to search for videos whether its for fun,to watch movies, see top series , watch music videos and many more other things that interests you but how many people know how to download from youtube directly.Here i will teach you but make sure you follow my step by step guide and you wont go wrong.One more thing you will not be able to download from YOUTUBEGO only downloads from YOUTUBE.

Step1:click on video and tap the SHARE button below

Step2:Press COPY LINK

Step3:go to Chrome and type YOUTUBE DOWNLOADER

Step4:couple will appear , press first one to open

Step5:a block will appear , paste the link in the Block

Step6:you will see button DOWNLOAD appear , press download

Video starts to download, please be patient when downloading because sometime network is slow and sometimes fast .Video will download and end up in your Gallery once it is completely downloaded.

There are youtube downloading apps on playstore that you can download and use.You can research and find the best one for you.

Please share and comment if this has helped you in anyway.God bless.

Source: opera.com
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