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Julius Malema pours them with cold water

Mahwira 06/25/2020

View pictures in App save up to 80% data. Yesterday evening ,the EFF leader Julius Malema declared that he would want to clear his name following allegations that he had benefited from the VBS Bank Heist.His thread on twitter was on the Collapse of Limpopo, NPA and the VBS.

On his twitter account, he was quoted saying that:

" ..Following the Press Conference held by NPA, SABC journalist @samkelemaseko about investigations regarding me and or the EFF in relation to VBS. This is even though there was no mention of myself or the EFF by NPA"

He went on and added:

" As a result, I challenged @samkelemaseko to gather 5 journalists from different media houses he trusts for a public interrogation session with myself. These journalists can ask whatever question they wish, from VBS, bank statements, On Point, and so called collapse of Limpopo.."

As per promise yesterday evening, everything was set for the interview from different journalists so that he could clear his name and never be dragged into a mess that he was never part of;

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The EFF leader Julius Malema dismissed allegations that the party’s leadership was part of and benefiting in dodgy tender dealings in the municipalities where it had been helping put the DA in power.

This came into light when the North Gauteng High Court declared invalid the 2019 multimillion controversial Tshwane fuel tender in which Julius Malema and EFF secretary-general Marshal Dlamini were reported to have secured kickbacks.

The tender, which was set aside due to irrational adjudication, would be awarded to three companies , which included Balimi Barui Trading (BBT) which then made payments to companies allegedly linked to Malema and Dlamini.

Mahuna Investments, owned by Julius' cousin, Matsobane Phaleng, has also been at the center of the allegations that Malema benefited from the looting of the VBS Bank as its bank card followed Malema around during his travels and made purchases.


Malema dismissed the allegations that the EFF leaders were abusing its kingmaker status in the municipality to improperly benefit from tenders, and added that Mahuna Investments had a proper business relationship with BTT.

Malema stood his grounf and confidently declared that the company is involved in different types of businesses, which can be consulting, entertainment, events, accommodation, hospitality , etc.

He added that the company does different types of things. He said that it did business with the company that got the fuel tender in Tshwane, but they were not controlling Tshwane.

Malema also poured water on the burning allegations that he and his deputy Floyd Shivambu were beneficiaries of the R2-billion VBS looting.

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He said that he had never benefitted anything from VBS. He even asked why would even benefit from VBS, and in exchange for what?

Julius Malema however said the Mahuna Investments bank card had followed him because his cousin was always with him.He said that Mahuna was part of his family and like other family members , was always with him.

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Top Comments
Mmmd · 06/26/2020
Julius malema is too late to clear your name because u know u are a criminal. you did open the company nd using your brother's name nd stole the money from the poor VBS guys you are not ashame.
Thabo82 · 06/26/2020
Well said yesterday my president

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