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Vuyo Mere Disgusted About League Return With Covid-19 At Its Peak

Andyx 06/26/2020

Former Platinum Stars and Mamelodi Sundowns defender is shocked the Premier Soccer League is planing to return to the field soon with coronavirus at its peak.

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The Premier Soccer League is to return to play after the government issued the green light earlier this week. Clubs from the Glad Africa Championship and Premier league have been conducting coronavirus testing with the aim of returning of to training soon and will then progress into competitive action in a safe environmental.

A total number of 11 positive cases have been confirmed by clubs in both divisions so far. Vuyo Mere who plays for Swallows FC in Glad Africa Championship is worried on weather the interest of players is being considered in this plans to continue the 2019/20 season.

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I am a footballer its my job to play football and entertain. I need to be at my best to entertain and do it with all my heart Mere said on his post on Instagram.

Covid-19 is almost on its peak and we are being thrown in front of it, just to entertain. Are our lives considered here or we are waiting for casualties to realise this is serious.

Other leagues were closed in winter we can't be compared to them when the virus is at its dangerous phase. Its winter in South Africa we are playing with fire.

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