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South Africans don't want us in their country, we have to fix our country Zimbabwe- lady says

daybreaknews 06/25/2020

South Africans don't want us in their country, we have to fix our country Zimbabweans- lady says

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Zimbabweans lady has taken to her Twitter account to advise her fellow Zimbabweans living in south Africa as they battled against south Africans who want them to be evacuated from south Africa after accusing them of committing the most brutal crimes in south and destroying of south Africa infrastructure.

According to the lady "It’s a clear indication that people don’t want us in their countries. We have to fix our country and make it habitable so that we never need to go to places were we are treated with contempt"

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The statement that was made by her attracted alot of opinion as people

Below are the comments made by people:


One family can only take as much visitors. We should fix our own country fight the failing systems. We can’t boast about hardworking educated in foreign lands. Work Harding in fixing Zimbabwe.#zanupf must go period


But we shouldn't allow xenophobes to control our narrative. I have a few choice words for the originator of that hashtag. We are not the originators of all their problems. We have to stop the scapegoat syndrome as Africans. They should also put their leadership to task

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The reality is foreigners have become a burden to SA, it’s not fair for SA citizens nor is it fair for u guys. We hope zim will rise so that we can share the success, but currently SA is not in comfort nor success. I believe in Zims 🙏🏾 nationals


There is not even a single one but I bet you're unemployed uneducated and lazy as he'll but you intimidated by the Zimbabwean guy who is better hard working than you in every way! Shame

What can you say to this?

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Top Comments
MbuyiseliMpehlaGaveni · 06/25/2020
Why do you guys claim to be educated when you're at number 8 here in Africa and South Africa is at number 2. Your education is substandard just like everything from Zimbabwe
malumecoolcat · 06/25/2020
where I live Zimbos are house maid's some garden boys but yet still shouting educated I am just confused,
123... · 06/25/2020
Garden boys and housemaids claiming to be educated
MijeloMbaliLulo · 06/25/2020
Zimbabweans have big mouth and they like to brag for working hard to chase away these whites and you follow them here why don't you take back in your country and they employ you there nyaope and all we never know about them you idiots introduce it to our youth now you tell us about laziness and all go home you stupid barstads

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