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How Zenande Mfenyane responded when a random lady from Instagram was trying to support her

Siphokuhle28 06/25/2020

Date: 25/06/2020

Article by Siphokuhle Mahlangabeza

Zenande Mfenyane who is also known as Goodness from Mzansi's magic sophie 'The Queen' lost her tamper when a good hearted lady from Instagram who was trying to show her that she's on her side during this time, as people are criticising her so this lady decided to inbox her showing how supportive she is the lady was trying to explain to her that all women go through different stages when they are expecting but Zenande pushed the lady away. Here is how she responded

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View pictures in App save up to 80% data.

Source: Instagram

After some time she wrote this on her status on Instagram. I mean who does that when someone is trying show support, she should have said thank you at least than telling her to piss off.

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If you were the lady what would you do or how would you have been responded. Please share your comment and don't forget to like and share and also follow me for more

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