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104 Years Old Woman Forced To Use Toilet In The Open At KZN

SouthAfricaHub 06/25/2020

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On 1 April this year, Elisa Khumalo turned 104 years old. She may be the oldest woman in Mndozo village in Newcastle, KwaZulu-Natal, but she still has to relieve herself in the open.

She has no courteous toilet, and uses a roofless pit latrine with worned out walls.

"It is uncomfortable and degrading for my mother-in-law to relieve herself in the open every day. We arrange to make use of a blanket to cover her each time she sits on our make-shift toilet seat," says Khumalo's daughter-in-law Nokuthula Khumalo.

The rest of the family uses a neighbour's toilet, but it is also far for Gogo Khumalo to walk.

"I'm the one who takes her to the toilet every day. Our toilet's roof was blown absent by the storm a day ago, and we couldn't meet the expense to rebuild it," says Nokuthula, who lives with her family and Khumalo's great-grandchildren.

Toilet project 

A toilet send off is now under aspect in the village and a number of the residents had new toilets installed by the municipality, but not Khumalo or her neighbour, Muziwendonda Zungu.

"Like other neighboring residents, we paid for the toilets to be built for us [three living ago], but we are subdue without a toilet, despite the fact that we have seen other native residents having their toilets built recently," says Nokuthula.

She alleged a ward committee affiliate had told her the Newcastle metropolis had given out the finances for other toilets, and their family would be built-in in the subsequent financial plan of 2020/21.


Constituency 7 councillor Bawinile Khumalo (ANC) said: "As a region councillor, I take away a listing of folks residents who are in need of toilets or any sort of assistance delivery, from my district commission members and at that time bring it from there.

The toilets that are at this time installed in the division are for individuals who are on the list; and individuals who are not on the listing right now, their toilets will be built in the subsequent phase.

"And, for leading citizens and the disabled residents in the ward, the quarter agency members exhibit an unattached register for them."

He alleged he would find out more from the local ward division member.

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