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Woman robbed of a handbag that had items to the value of R120 000 in Middleburg Mall

Wandi$ 06/26/2020

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The one minute Mariksa Grobler was busy with her shopping and the next thing she knew a woman inquired to her about a washing powder.

Little did Mariksa know that this confrontation would make her lose possessions to the value of R120 000, The Middleburg observer reports.

She explains that the woman questioned her about knowing someone by the name of "Sandile" while they were talking. She does indeed and thought this might be a mutual friend.

The woman further went on about how she was employeed by a shop that could offer Grobler a discount for her shopping. All that she needed was for Grobler to apply for a pensioners' card.

Grobler said she made a choice to apply for the card and was taken outside the shop where they eagerly waited for the card to be delivered.

While waiting the woman cautioned Grobler about criminals and admonished her to put her jewellery and cellphone in her handbag, in which she did.

Before she knew it, the bag had dissapeared, along with jewellery amounting to the value of R90 000, her cellphone, wallet, cash and cards.

While she was busy contemplating about canceling the cards, a further R3200 and R4000 were withdrawn from her personal and business accounts.

The total value of all the things that she lost amounts to R120 000.

"I am usually aware of what is happening around me but my husband was in hospital recently and my attention was probably somewhere else," Grobler said, adding that her handbag was gone before she even knew it.

The Middleburg Mall said it could not connote on the incident as they had not been told about the incident. Mike Tammadge, the mall manager, said that customer should report cases like this one and be very careful of people they don't know.

A case has been registered with local police and images of the perpetrators have been secured using the mall’s camera systems.

Wandi$: Sometimes robberies like this happen because shoppers end up being friendly with one another even though they are strangers to each other. And there's nothing wrong with helping other when one requires assistance with something but people must always be wary of each other.

It is such a sad thing though what had occured to this woman because she wasn't expecting someone who talked with her so nice to swindle her out of all her possesions.

It means that the thief was observing her each and every move in the mall. And it seems like she is very experienced in what she does. Crimes like this when they occur to you sometimes one thinks that maybe black magic was utilized.

When the woman further explained to Mariksa that she was employed by a shop that could give her a discount in all that she bought, the woman was moving to stage two of her plan. Which she executed with experience and being precise.

When the thieve told Mariksa to put her cellphone and jewellery in the bag she already knew what she was gonna steal because she saw the possessions that she wanted from Mariksa. What she said to Mariksa about how she should put her cellphone and jewellery in the bag was another way that she was deflecting attention from herself as she did everything to she could to hide her herself as not being a criminal to Mariksa.

Mariksa lost very expensive things and her husband being in hospital seem to be the course of that because she was thinking many things and her concentration level was poor for a moment.

I am confident in the police though that they are gonna find the thieve as images of her were captured all over the mall by the mall's surveillance cameras. So she has nowhere to hide in fact if I were to advise her I would tell her to hand herself over to the cops because it is really over for her.

What do you guys think of this article please comment on my comment section as your comments are highly appreciated by me

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