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SANTACO Breathes Fire: 'By Fire By Force, Taxis Promise To Operate On Full Capacity'

GiggyP 06/29/2020

SANTACO: Taxi Industry Had Reject The Minister Of Transport Fikile Mbalula's R1.135 Billion Offer.

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Taxi industry SANTACO was offered R1.135 Billion Relief fund due to Covid-19 virus hard lockdown. However, the taxi industry denied the offer due to it being insufficient and demanded more billions which will result in each taxi to receive R20,000.

Unfortunately, Mbalula stand firm on his offer and said that government have nothing more to offer.

Taxi operators finally rejected the offer and promise to operate on 100%, full capacity of passengers.

Taxi industry was supposed to operate on 70% but changing their ways after Transport Minister Fikile Mbalula failed to meet up with them and discuss a way forward.

SANTACO President Phillip Taaibosch told the reporter's that they have decided to take the bull by it's horns. They cannot have postponements on their livelihoods.

Taxi operators vowed to continue engaging in a precautious manner required, which will allow 100% passengers with masks and they will be sanitized as much as the taxis would be cleaned to ensure the safety of our people.

Phillip Taaibosch added to say that, all the provincial structures will operate on 100% full capacity from Monday. All long distance taxis will be in operation too with 100% full capacity but they will have to request for Permits from the passengers. It is by fire by force, whether the minister approves or not.

Taxi industry SANTACO breathes fire and they are not taking No for an answer and unity shall be fostered.

Source: opera.com
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