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An updated list on things you won't be able to do under the next lockdown level. Advanced level 3.

Money_Wise_Geek 06/26/2020

It's been 3 months since the implementation of lockdown and although it's went from hard level to more relaxed level 3, there are still things that people are not allowed to do in the country. 

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As the going will be moving to advanced level 3, there has been relaxing of new lockdown rules and regulations which implies more economic activities. These include reopening of casinos, theatre, restaurants, allowing for business conferences, resuming of sports and traveling for leisure reasons. This relaxation of these rules and regulations however are subject to strict health protocols to ensure that the virus doesn't spread.

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While this is good news for those who enjoy going to restaurants and casinos and so forth, there are still things one won't be able to even under this level. Here's an updated list of things you will not be able to do: 

- People will still not be able to consume alcohol in taverns or restaurants. 

- Importing products for leisure purposes. 

- Sport events, although non contact sports such as tennis may continue. 

- Gyms will remain closed although people will be allowed to exercise from 6am to 6am provided that people don't exercise in groups. 

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- Last but not least, people still can't buy legal cigarettes. FITA confirmed today that the court case has been dismissed and the ban might be pushed until August.

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GUEST_bG0YL2qwP · 06/26/2020
Statement says cannot buy legal cigarettes... So we are able to buy illegal cigarettes?
DirkJohannesSmit · 06/27/2020
Cyril, stop blah-blah over and over again that we are tired for the same 100 times storie. Are you cheeky with your lover to ban cigarettes?

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